Binghampton was first settled in the 1860s by an Irish farmer named William Bingham. In 1893, the residents who settled along the Bingham farm decided to charter their own town and called it Binghamton. Mr. Bingham was then elected the first mayor of Binghamton. In the 1960s the city of Memphis made plans to extend Interstate 40 through the heart of Binghampton. As a result residents were forced to move and many historic homes were demolished. The proposed plan would have cut through the Memphis Zoo and Overton Park. Luckily a court ruled that no city park could be taken for government purposes but the damage was already done in Binghampton. Sam Cooper Boulevard, the old I-40 extension, presently cuts the Binghampton area in half and has taken much needed retail traffic off Broad Avenue which once served as the area’s Main Street. Current efforts are being made to re-create Broad Avenue into Memphis’ newest arts district and the area is beginning to thrive once again.

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Women in Beer: This Event is Rated XX (Chromosomes) 

The first recipient from our Community LIFT Uplift program, Wiseacre Brewing Company, is hosting a beer, dinner and education event. 

Join us for an evening of fun, food and beer! Learn how women led the way in beer's early developments and are now breaking back into the field with a passion and enthusiasm for the craft. Brewer Bailey Spaulding from Jackalope Brewing Company out of Nashville will be with us bringing both great beer and beer knowledge. 

Tickets are $45 and include a special tour with beer samples, a casual three course meal paired with a combo of Wiseacre and Jackalope beers, a Q&A session with brewer Bailey from Jackalope, Meghan Storey from the Brewer's Association, and our resident Cicerone, Rebecca, and a take-home bottle of Holy Candy Belgian Dubbel with tulip glass. 

Dinner and dessert are provided by Jared Richmond of Gourmade and Bea Sweet Bakery. Tickets may be purchased at the bar or online.

Brewery Booming in Bluff City

If it seems busier than usual at Wiseacre Brewing Company in Binghamton, well, it is.

The expansion of new fermenting tanks means they can make more beer, and with Wiseacre soon to be on shelves in Chicago they have to make more.

One of the brothers behind the Bluff City brewery, Davin Bartosch, said getting their beer into the Chicago market is a milestone for Wiseacre's growth and success.

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Details Emerge on Planned Binghampton Retail Center

The Binghampton neighborhood is inching closer to landing a grocery store as plans for a neighborhood retail center there come into clearer focus.

The Binghampton Development Corp. has signed a “letter of intent” with an unidentified national supermarket chain to build a store at the corner of Sam Cooper Boulevard and Tillman Street. It also is pursuing other retailers for the planned development that will bring more goods and jobs to the community.

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The Memphis Guitar Spa Highlights Make Overs Available From Inner City Loan Program

Kevin Ferner could stand at the front a 100-year-old retail space on Broad Avenue and see bare walls and a toilet before he began renovating it to become The Memphis Guitar Spa.

A $25,000 Inner City Economic Development loan, designed to become a grant he won't have to pay back, that he received last year allowed Ferner to refurbish the front of the store and to buy security doors.              

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New Shop Preparing to 'Fall Into Place' on Broad Avenue 

Last summer, Mary Claire White spent time checking out the growing Broad Avenue neighborhood – walking the street, abs orbing the activity around the shops and restaurants and even introducing herself to all the shop owners, telling them about an idea she had. 

Ever since she was a child, White – an elementary school teacher now, though she’s preparing to leave that in pursuit of a new career – has dreamed of running her own retail shop. And she’s a couple of months away from making that a reality.

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The Hottest Restaurants in Memphis Right Now, June 2015

Online food blog Eater ranks the hottest restaurants in Memphis. Of the 13 buzz-worthy restaurants, two are located on Broad Avenue; Bounty on Broad and City & State Coffee.

To find out more about these Broad Avenue restaurants and others that made the list, visit: Eater

Industrial meets retail at the corner of Broad and Tillman

The recent push in the Bluff City to renovate historic buildings might just be catching on with industrial space.

Take Tillman Street and Broad Avenue for example: a series of nondescript warehouses being repurposed for retailers that appear unconventional for that type space.

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2783 Broad Ave. Memphis, TN 38112

Wiseacre is a craft brewery located in the Broad Ave Arts District and was the first company to take advantage of River City Capital lending process,with their largest loan to date.

The owners, Davin and Kellen Bartosch, know the importance of investing in their hometown and were excited that River City Capital shared their vision. “Starting a business like this isn’t easy and we knew we needed help, ”said David Bartosch, who will brew the beer while his brother manages the business and other details. “Early on, we got wind of River City Capital and their aspirations to partner with start-up businesses in core Memphis neighborhoods, and the stars lined up. We’re thrilled to be the first business on the books with a loan from them."

To visit their website, click: Wiseacre.


2561 Broad Ave. Memphis, TN 38112

Memphis Guitar Spa opened up its shop last year in the Broad Avenue Arts District,wherethey provide full-service guitar repair and finishing services to guitar builders across the United States.

With the help of River City Capital, Memphis Guitar Spa recently took advantage of a $25,000
Inner City Economic Development (ICED) Loan to help with renovations to their 2,100-square-foot retail space, including a new 14-foot hanging guitar sign. The loan also helps MGS invest in the neighborhood as it is projected to create 5 new jobs over the next few years.

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Check out some videos of the recent businesses that have received EDGE's Facade Improvement Loan:  (Elmore Holmes Wood Work)  (Bounty)