Economic Gardening Program    

Guides businesses through economic gardening program.
This incentive is being tested with a pilot of 22 businesses in Memphis but may expand in the future. Focuses on growth-minded stage-2 businesses with revenue between $1 and $50 million, and 10 to 100 employees. The economic gardening program provides technical assistance to develop and expand existing local businesses with growth potential.

Being developed to fill the gap of technical assistance for existing small businesses looking to expand.

Funds for public infrastructure improvements to facilitate business development.
Local community must apply with commitment from specific private-sector company. Qualifying projects must involve companies engaging in manufacturing or other economic activities beneficial to the state of Tennessee. Companies for whom more than 50% of the product or service is involved in the manufacture of products for export are also eligible. FIDP grants require local community matching funds calculated along a varying scale based on a community's ability to pay.
Created to encourage companies to locate or expand in certain communitites, and to create or retain jobs for Tennesseans.

Provides economically distressed counties with loans for industrial expansion, relocation, retention, and infrastructure development.
Only counties with the lowest per capita personal income, the highest percentage of residents below the poverty level, and the highest annual average unemployment rates are eligible for this program. SOC loans are made for buildings, plant equipment, infrastructure, or real estate based on the capital investment leveraged and the number of jobs created by a venture. SOC loans can also be made to local economic development entities for capacity-building projects such as sites or buildings. View a map of the Special Opportunities Counties, here (

Created to spur growth in economically distressed counties.