Distressed Communities

Affordable Apartment Rental Additional Unit Allowance   

Apply an additional 50% revenue allowance over MLGW’s standard policy.
The developer must submit documentation proving that the particular apartment development is recognized as a low income development by the appropriate nonprofit or government agency. The builder must also enroll the apartment development in MLGW’s EcoBuild program. Promote development of apartments for affordable rental housing.

Connect fees may be waived or refunded to the home builder.
The Builder must submit proof of the home’s certification from a non-profit or government agency that the home is eligible for “affordable” incentives at the time the service request is made; The builder must enroll the home in MLGW’s EcoBuild program; The home must be an individual single-family home or duplex; The maximum sale price shall be $140,000. Promote non-profit and governmental agency efforts to produce affordable dwelling units.

Affordable Housing Additional Lot Allowance Incentive   
Apply an additional 50% lot allowance over MLGW’s standard policy