Provides below market rate loans to help implement projects that reduce energy use, improve cash flow and provide a new opportunity for growth
Financing is available for up to 100 percent of the costs for installing energy efficient technology, energy retrofits and renewable energy systems that will help them reduce energy consumption. Loans are offered up to 5 million dollars. Eligible projects include: Lighting, HVAC, Building Retrofits, Industrial Systems, Co-Generation, and Renewable Energy/Solar Projects.

Created to help businesses and industries become more energy efficient, so that they may increase their competitiveness and strengthen Tennessee’s economy.

Green Energy Tax Credit    
Tax credit against franchise and excise taxes for companies involved in producing green technology
Must be a certified green energy supply chain manufacturer or affiliated company. "Certified green energy supply chain manufacturer? means any manufacturer that has made during the investment period a required capital investment in excess of $250 million in constructing, expanding, or remodeling a facility that is certified to be a facility engaged in manufacturing a product that is necessary for the production of green energy.

Green Energy Tax Credit was developed as a part of a comprehensive strategy to encourage green energy projects to locate in Tennessee.

Green Power Providers participants are eligible for a federal tax credit that can mean substantial savings on their tax bills
Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) and participating power distributors of TVA power offer a performance-based incentive program to homeowners and businesses for the installation of renewable generation systems from the following qualifying resources: PV, wind, hydropower, and biomass; Eligible Systems must not have previously generated renewable energy for sale to TVA prior to October 1, 2012, unless the system was part of the Generation Partners pilot; Qualifying systems will have a minimum total nameplate generation capacity (DC) of 500 watts (W) and a maximum of 50 kilowatts (kW). Systems over 50kW may qualify to participate in TVA’s Mid-Sized Renewable Standard Offer program (link to DSIRE summary). Systems greater than 10 kilowatts in size will be subject to a load requirement.

The purpose of the Green Power Providers program is to continue to increase the renewable energy supply in the Tennessee Valley region.

Tax credit for the purchase of government-mandated pollution control equipment
Purchases of pollution control equipment that is mandated by state, federal or local law and that results in the reduction of water and/or air pollution or the elimination of hazardous waste qualify for tax credits such as exemption from franchise and sales and use taxes among other incentives. Tax credit applies to purchases of pollution control equipment for manufacturers.

Created to alleviate the burden of pollution regulations on industry.

Solar Energy Systems Tax Credit    
Businesses are eligible for tax credits for qualified solar water heating and photovoltaic systems, and for certain solar lighting systems; The tax credits are for 30% of the cost of the system
The tax credits go to businesses that install solar equipment for their use, and to individuals who install qualifying systems on homes they use as a residence (unlike other consumer incentives, the dwelling does not have to be the taxpayer's primary residence - second homes are eligible, although rental properties are not); Note: The credits are available for systems "placed in service" between January 1, 2006 and December 31, 2016;

Developed to encourage energy efficient consumers, businesses and practices.